ATS and CRM to Gain New Business in a Recession

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Are we in a recession? Some experts say we are already in a recession, some say one is coming, and others predict our economic future will be something we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. While all of these scenarios are unsettling, there is always opportunity to gain new business and thrive, even when times are tough. Your business strategy will most likely have to change in a recession, but the steps you take now can help prepare you to come out on top when all of this is over. It’s never too late to prepare for what’s to come or, for this matter, what is already here.

Search by Client Industry Code, Status, and Location

The first and most basic search you will want to perform is by client industry code, status, and location (if you are looking to staff in a specific area.) The industry codes will be the codes you setup in the software affiliated with each industry. Status is important, because it will determine if you are searching for companies that you are ‘actively’ working with or ‘inactively’ working with. You can perform both searches. See if there are companies you currently work with that you can reach out to. Then perform the same search with ‘inactive’ clients. These could be clients whose business you lost or never had the opportunity to work with. For location, maybe you want to try to help staff for businesses near you. It can be a way to first narrow your search to local businesses. Explore these different searches and see if there are any potential opportunities.

Search by Date Last Contacted

You can also search by Date you last contacted a client. This search can be used in conjunction with the above search criteria. Searching by Date is useful if you want to identify clients you have been in contact with in the last six months. You can also search for clients outside of this time range, if you want to find clients you haven’t been in touch with for a while. This search can especially be handy if you want to find ‘inactive’ clients you haven’t reached out to recently. Maybe the last time you reached out they didn’t have staffing needs, but now they do.

Search by Job Orders

You can also search by Job Order based on specific industries you have served in the past. This will allow you to identify opportunities that you had in the past that fit the in-demand opportunities you are looking for today. There may be clients on the list that you haven’t been in touch with for a while. Reach out to them and see if they have jobs they need to fill.

The Special Offer

You have your favorites lists, you have the industries you want to target, now you have to decide what you are going to offer these clients. Think about your marketing plan, what incentive can you provide the client to work together? Depending on the industry, you may need to come up with different packages that incentivize your partnership. What will entice a client to work with you rather than your competition? Perhaps you can offer special subscription options, fixed rates, free training of some kind, etc.

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